About Us


I have been so blessed to have been raised in a Christian family, and at a very young age my parents, siblings, and other relatives started attending First Baptist Church in Hallstead, PA.  In my 83 plus years, I have enjoyed and appreciated the teaching and preaching of many wonderful Pastors, including Pastor Penberthy (our now present Pastor).  I have been a member since 1946, which will be 71 yrs. in April of this year. Thank you, Lord, for your leading and guiding in my life over those many, many, years.       .....Catherine Major

I had the incredible privilege of growing up in a Christian family. My parents, sister, grandparents, and most of my extended family have asked Jesus to be their Saviour from sin! I accepted the Lord around age 5 and have been growing to know Him better ever since. It's not always easy (all the best things rarely are!) but having such a fantastic support system has been a huge help! I've attended the First Baptist Church of Hallstead since I was 3 (approximately 31 years!). I had the best Sunday School teachers, mentors, and ministry opportunities as I grew (and continue to have...). Some of my favorite childhood memories are of Pastor Tapper! I can't wait to see how God will use our new Shepherd, Pastor Penberthy... new memories just waiting to happen!     .....Jen Walker

It's been a long time since I've been excited to listen to a Sunday service and I'd like to say thank you for bringing God's word alive again for me. I've been listening (on the radio) every Sunday for the past month. I hope you won't mind the comparison but I'm reminded of Pastor Tapper and Pastor Grabey and their passion for the Lord. I grew up attending First Baptist. I'll be listening Sundays and thanking the Lord for bringing a Godly man to First Baptist. .....Vicky Welch